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We strive to increase the level of acceptance and relevance of digital games in our society. To this end, we initiate, support and sponsor projects in these four areas:

  • Business and job training
  • Education and upbringing
  • Art and culture
  • Research and science.

Through our work, we aim to provide expert information on the various facets of digital games. We see ourselves as enthusiastic yet critical promoters of digital gaming culture.

The foundation stems from a joint initiative of the German federal government’s commissioner for culture and the media with the two associations of the computer games industry, the German Trade Association of Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU) and the German Games Industry Association (G.A.M.E.). A high-caliber advisory board, whose fourteen distinguished members are active in politics, education, science, society and culture, steers the activities of the foundation and ensures its independence and transparency. The Berlin-based foundation started its work in October 2012. Its largest project is the overall organization of the German Computer Game Awards (“Deutscher Computerspielpreis”).

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